Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thurs and Fri Sept 15 and 16

Whoops, sorry about the non-posting. I'm not saying it's never going to happen again, but I am watching an awful lot of rugby online at the moment. Between that and uTorrent, I'm seeing a lot of stuff, man.

Thursday was this workout five rounds:

1A) KB farmer Walks - used 30, 44 and 53 lb kbs' - got heavier as the rounds went.
1B) 5 Chin ups
2A) Incline DB press 4 x 6 - 8
2B) 1 Arm KB Rows 8 x 53 lbs
3A) Standing DB Cleans - 70 lbs
4) 10 ab rollouts

I ate well, too:

Breakfast was eggs and roast beef. Coffee and water to drink

Snack was water.

Lunch was tuna on salad with prunes and walnuts, water to drink

Dinner: chicken and rice with veggies, Water to drink.

Friday I woke up with lots of aches and pains. Ugh. What ever, I did this workout five rounds:

8 deadlifts . 140 lbs, then added more and more weight
20 KB swings - 53 lb KB used
10 TRX body weight rows
20 feet up push ups
10 lunges with 30 lbs overhead
10 bicep curls
10 triceps extesions

Ate well today, too:

Breakfast: eggs and chicken breast, coffee to drink

Lunch: tuna sandwich, veggies on the side

Snack: water, water and more water

Dinner: homemade chilli. Ground beef, lots of veggies and tomato soup. I added the spicy sauce. Water to drink.

I watched Steve Cotter's Extreme KB workout today - lots of stuff for the abs, which I'm going to add to the works here:

There's other stuff, too, but I'll take pics of myself doing it ... I feel like I'm risking getting sued for putting that pic up...

Last thing, did a quick weight check this morning and I'm down 4 lbs from my last weigh in Sunday. I'm pretty happy, especially since my diet hasn't been perfect, merely pretty good.

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