Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Spet 8

Woke up, got the kids to school and then got this done:

30 two handed swings
30 LH swings
30 seconds of figure 8 around the les
30 RH swings
30 seconds of Mountain clibers

30 seconds of hand stands
30 push ups feet up
30 BW squats

And then I did a lot of foam rolling on my legs... oh, did that feel good, um ... after.

I ate this today:

Water when I woke up

Breakfast: steak and tomato wraps, coffee to drink. This was after training.

Lunch: tuna and veggies. No salad; I will be doing some shopping tonight.

Dinner: a little pasta with some garlic bread. Glass of red wine to drink.

I got an email telling me about some post season rugby tonight. Not sure about my commitment level at this point in time. If I do it, I usually have to go in 100%. Not sure I can make that 100& this time around. I'll go and see what is what tonight, but ... I gotta say, the prospect of ending rugby season early is a little alluring at the moment.

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