Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept 20 ... renew a wish list

So about a year ago, I put together a wish list for myself. I thought it was about time I gave an update and point into the future.

1. Longer barbell/bar and plates - my current 6 foot bars only let me put 150 lbs on, as a combination of length and thickness of the plates I own. I'll get a pic up later to show what I mean.

2. I think I'd like an even bigger tire for lifting, flipping and looking cool.

3. A heater - I thought I'd really need this last February, but as it turned out, it was ok. Not 100% on this one, but I do know that I will move my KB's indoors and may have to invest in some gardening gloves for lifting this winter.

4. Boxing/grappling gloves. Still looking on Kijiji, really though, I have no idea what to look for in a decent glove.

5.Judo gi - 'nuff said.

6. Door seal. Yeah, there are now mice nibbling at the current door seal have made quite a hole for themselves. I swept out some poop this morning. Ugh.

7. Posters - 'cuz I still like looking at muscles and sweat while working my sweaty muscles.

8. Instruction - I think that if my current financial situation improves, I'll be able to afford this. But, I'd like to get on the mats, get some help with the basic lifts and train hard with people around me.

9. Battling ropes. I've had some success with playing with ropes this year, but I think it is time to bite the bullet and pony up for some real ones from extremekettlebell.com

10 rowing machine - just because the Crossfitter in me wants to stay warm and dry inside my garage, rather than going out for runs in the snow.

Things I've gotten done:

1) Wrestling mats - almost 2 inches wall to wall. And they store quite nicely. Pretty happy with this purchase. Good protection and really just "ties the room together".

2)moving stuff out - last year and this fall I moved a lot of stuff either to the basement or to the curb. Loads easier to clean the gym and to move inside.

3)Got a rather cool heavy bag this winter - even got the clips off of it, too. I'd like to start punching it, though.

4)I also got a scale from my Airmiles. It's fairly accurate, although I'd never swear by it. Meh, it's cool.

5)Still struggling with finding time for reading/researching though. Now, with uTorrent, I can find almost any book or movie, the problem is that I cannot find the time to actually study them.

Anyway, on with what happened today:

I did this workout today:

1A) KB farmer Walks 4 x 150'
1B) Chin Ups 4 x 5 reps
2A) Incline DB press 4 x 15reps (30 lbs used)
2B) 1 Arm Rows 4 x 6 - 8 (53 lb KB used)
3A) Standing DB Cleans 3 x 10
3B) Curling Exercise 3 x 5
3C) Triceps Work 3 x 10
4) finishing was a ladder of KB swings and ab roll outs. Started with 10 swings and 1 roll out, finished with 1 swing and 10 ab roll outs.

Whoa, what was pretty intense. I'm pretty sore, man.

Ate this:

After training: smoothie - i scoop of protein powder, frozen fruit, a little 2% milk in a blender. Oh, that was good.

Breakfast: BELT from Tim Hortons with a coffee. Mmmm.... 500 calories never tasted so good.

lunch: tuna, veggies, water.

Dinner: chicken breast served over pasta. Water to drink.

OK, well, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow looks like a nightmare... ;)


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  2. We have battling ropes here at our Studio. My advice to you is to not pay the ridiculous amount of money they want on the website, find a marina and buy some for $80. We have a couple of 60 foot long and a couple of 30. (30 is way to short to be that effective by the way)

  3. Yeah, I have a 20 foot rope at the moment. It's just too short. I did get it at a Marina; I'm going to give Extremekettlebell.com the benefit of the doubt, as I know the guy running it from previous purchases. Solid dude.

    Thanks for your comment, by the way.