Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday sept 30

Ugh. Friday, the thing that was a lighthouse in my life, giving hope and direction to a frantic rush of days. Frdays have fallen. They are no longer the path to safe days of physical activity; they are now frantic. I finished work to fight my way to thecar dealership, then to two different venues to pick up children or drop off paperwork. I signed papers and changed diapers. Kthen I had to get home and clean, then laundry. It was a miracle I got up and did gymnastics with my boy Saturday morning. Then had a bit of a nap, then off to rugby. Which to be frank, was a disappointment. How some guys can train all summer and then during a post season run, give up and stop playing during the best time of the year to play... Is beyond me. Temperature was awesome, light wond, some clouds ... But 15 degrees at kick off was perfect. But, there wwere guys on the field who should not have been there. More importantly, some guys were not there who should have been. We lost. Sunday was Run for the Cure in Burlington. I ran/jogged 5 k on a nice pleasant morning. Sunshine, lots of yoga pants and everyone wearing pink. Was nice too see that my fitness is ok; finished with a bunch of guys at about 27 minutes without much effort. Sweaty, but with lots in the tank. I also just discovered that the Trek or Treat is the night before a big rugby game. Imma thinking I do a Grey Cup run at the end of November instead...

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