Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday Sept 22 and so on.

Yeah, I'm in this pic. Not going to say where ... but w/e. Well, I'm slightly disappointed, I must say. We lost, not by much, but enough that we're back in a League that really, we shouldn't be in. Meh, whatever. Stuck ... and having to go on a tear next year ... again.

Finished the season at 12 wins, 2 losses. I played a lot of rugby this summer.

I'm not quite done the season yet, either. There are a number of post season cups and events being help for the next few weeks, so my on pitch training will continue.

Seriously, though. my off pitch training is just sucking at the moment. Since the car crash, I've been so busy getting paper work done not at work, it's killer. Having sick children and a sick wife is also not habit helping. I'm wondering about when my September will calm down and I can get back to a regular life, training and work mode.

 Sunday I stretched, but had a squawky set of children with me for most of the day. Monday I went looking at replacements for the van and went and did the groceries for the week.

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