Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday Sept 17

Friday was another busy day around my house - I did my rolling routine later on in the day, trying to get my body ready for rugby. Saturday was a rugby day ... we won, but it was a struggle. Meh, it has set up this weekend to be "the moment" for the year. Sunday was a recovery day - and my boy was sick with an ear infection. What a drag. Monday I was at home with the boy and wasn't about to go to daycare. Man, at home, playing with him was cool, but I would have preferred a nice boring day of work, working out then playing with him. I did get a short training run in, and learned a bit more about Nike+ on my daughter's iPod. I did fix it, well, I made it so that we could use it, and it seems to be ok. On with Tuesday.

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