Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday Sept 24-Wed Sept 26

Oh, man.

Seems it just won't stop coming. A sick wife means I have to go to meetings in the evenings. On rugby training nights. And ... I'm sorry to say this, a lot of my fellow Centaurs are also finding ways of not making training.

Right now, it's about 19 degrees outside. For my American friends, that is about 65 degrees. Not cold, just chilly. Compare that to the 40 C / 90 F degree heat in July that we trained in. I like this time of year. Except for the lack of light while doing sprints. Meh, I had to attend a meeting instead of training.

And tonight, another doctor appointment for a sick child. I'm going to go nuts if I just don't get in my garage soon.

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