Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nov 18

Friday was a kettlebell day. I got this done two rounds with the 40 pound bell...

30 OH swings R
30 OH swings left
30 alternating cleans
30 TH swings
30 secs Mountain Climbers
30 snatch LH
30 sec figure 8’s
30 snatch RH
30 TH swings
10 hanging knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
30 bw squats

 I'll say it again ... there is a major difference between the 30 and the 40 pound bell that goes way beyond the ten pounds

Saturday was a running around with my boy in gymnastic class. That is cool, except there was a lot of sick people there and my boy had the sniffles. In the afternoon, I got re-elected to the local branch executive for rugby. I'm hoping this helps the club get back to the league it was in three years ago.

I got home from that and had to take the youngest in ... confirmed an ear infection. Ugh.

Sunday I did another running around in my garage session with my two youngest children. They are way more awesome than I deserve. With half the family on antibiotics, it's hard not to think that I am going to be sick and some point. Sleep, lots of fluids, excessive hand washing and exercise is on for me in the next few days...

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