Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Nov 12

And so ... I changed the gym, if only because I was getting sick of not using the bench for anything other than a dust collector. I got that in a spot where I can use it, and the squat stand, too. Not sure where the pic is that I took this morning, but I'll get one on here shortly.

After moving stuff around, I checked the time and had 25 minutes to get a workout done. I went with an old standby:

10 barbell deadlifts (oh, did they feel good)
10 TRX body rows
20 feet up push ups
20 KB swings with the 40 lb bell
10 Db flies 25 lb used
10 bicep curls 15 lbs used
10 hanging knee tucks

Back to being able to do flies and dead lifts all in one day ... that was priceless. Still a little squishy, but at least I got things to places Where they can be used.

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