Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Nov 27

It wasn't "talking to a chair" weird, but it was weird
Ok, this was a weird one. It started early - I mean stupid early, being shaken awake by someone I was punching the crap out of in a dream. Yes, as I said .... weird.

It was about a half hour before I had to get up, so I got up anyway. Got the kids' lunch done, then some garbage done. Then the recycling ... and I still had about a half hour left, so I did a load of laundry... I was a machine. Weird.

After getting the kids to where they needed to be, got this done for five rounds:

8-10 deadlifts ~ 150 pounds. Yeah, I know I need a new bar. On the menu for tomorrow.
20 two handed kb swings - 50 lb bell used
10 Kb cleans each side
10 step ups each side, holding 30 lb dbs in each hand
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks

Yeah, what was even odder was, while at work, showed someone how to do a banner for the top of a blog - they scrolled down and chuckled. Then they challenged me to do 20 feet up push ups. Just 20.

I popped them off like nothing else. Meh - no worries, I said. No worries.

People around us were impressed, though. Seems I now have some street cred, too.

I totally looked like this today ... lolz

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