Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Nov 5

Time flies

I made it through today - scratching and biting and fighting the whole way. Motivation has never been my issue - never. I can get through a workout, just about any workout or session or whatever; I'm in decent shape and I know that I can get most things done.

Time. Time is my issue. Will be the issue for a while. Like for the next few decades.

I got home from dropping my kids at school and was faced with a sink full of dishes and a bunch of bills that needed to be be taken care of; lots of toys on the floor, lots of this and that. But I got this workout done three times before I had to rush off to work. Work - one issue I'm having with myself is having enough money when I retire. Yet another aspect of time.

All with the 40 lb bell

30 two handed swings
15 kb cleans
10 kb  snatches
5 chin ups
20 feet up push ups
10 TRX body rows
10 hanging knee tucks

Took me about a half hour to get that done. I know it isn't enough, really. I know I need to get on a mat, really. I know I need a lot of stuff to get ready for things I'd like to do.

It's all about time, really.

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