Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday and Sunday

Won "Ironman" in 2012; thanks, kettlebells and lots of training

Saturday was gymnastics with my boy morning, then being reminded that Saturday night was the banquet for my rugby club. For some, that banquet is the social event of the year. For me, I'm sort of tired of being verbally and silently upbraided for going, as I'm always going solo. My dear sweet wife went once, long ago. Once.

Yeah, yeah, I know "it's changed" ... but it's hard to convince someone who doesn't see any changes when ever she does show up to events like the games, the after games and hears about rampages at the other events. To be honest, I usually leave after the speeches are done.

I left a little later than usual this year, as I was hauling around the trophy you see above. The "Ironman" Award. Some really good people listed on that trophy - I'm pretty close to being the oldest on it, but I'm not sure. Given to the most dedicated and most consistent in the club for the year. I'm crediting the training you can read about on this blog for that particular title. Lots of training after, before and during the season makes me a lot harder to be injured, too sore or just not fit enough.

I'mma keep that in mind for 2013.

In any case, Saturday morning was me chasing my boy around then home for a nap.

Sunday was a mess of a day - I wasn't fit to be around humanity. I cleaned up for later in the day, but it required a lot of showering and naps. Everyone got to their appointed events, I just felt like living death. Must have been something I ate. I did get a chance to stretch and just move a little in the afternoon, and I did watch the Toronto Argos win the 100th Grey Cup online. That was nice.

I went to bed way early in the hopes that life would be better Monday.

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