Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Nov 29

Oh, man ... do I need November to be over. Now.
Chilly in here this morning.

I did this for four rounds this morning. I'm feeling it

20 two handed kb swings (50 lb bell used)
10 Kb cleans
20 feet up push ups - I'm putting my feet up higher these days.
10 seated triceps dips - used the tire/boxing bag and my bench for this. See pic.
15 hanging knee tucks
20 wall throws
20 body weight squats

I got this link on Twitter and had to post it here. It's Jason F talking about songs from old school rap artists he listens to while training. I need some new tunes, and so I need a place to park this link. I'm thinking that when I get home tonight, I abuse copyright laws a little.

All in a good cause, though - my health.

This isn't a goal, but it is a destination.
right, after I helped get kids in bed .... touch rugby for about an hour.

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