Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday and Sat May 24

Friday was a rest day ... lots of time spent with family. Light stretching.

I think this man punched me
Saturday was the first game of the season. I was not impressed by my standards in the game, but we won. I was 30% on my line out throws, and I hit rucks with four or five touches of the ball. I started off at hooker, but was moved to tight head as that is where I was needed. The scrums went well; I took a few off of their less experienced pack. I did also lose one as it stuck on someone's foot as we were turned. It was weird getting used to the new scrum laws, too. Still, my fitness was not where it needed to be.

We did win, and it was a far better team second half with the wind than it was in the first half. A few key substitutions at the right moments really helped us. I did take a nasty right hand to the face from their 10. He looked just like Andy Garcia. Seriously.

In any case, I couldn't stay long, as I had to get to a memorial mass about a 90 minute drive away. I made it just in time. It's all good.

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