Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 18 and Monday May 19

This was a wild weekend. Not wild as in "Drink your head off and be stupid" but wild as in "I wasn't paying attention and I agreed to this so now I have to do it" wild. My wife left for a swimming meet for the entire long weekend. Left Friday after dinner and came home Monday.

Yeah, three kids all to myself.

I'd whine, but I had fun.

Friday I did some recovery work when the kids were all in bed.

Saturday was crappy. I drive for three hours to a cottage, arriving at 11am. Cops were everywhere. I drove the speed limit and listened to my book. I got there to find out my parents were not coming to help me move a dock. So, I got my middle child to look after the youngest and I went and moved a dock by myself. Not a big deal.
My arrow was the one in the meat, obvs.

As a reward, the middle child and I did some archery out in the woods together. The little one was there, behind us, climbing trees and generally being good. I got to shoot a 50 lb compound bow. My middle child got to shoot their own bow for the first time. It was pretty cool.

After that though, we drove home the three hours. I just didn't want to be at a cottage with two little ones just yet. Next time.

Sunday was a lazy day, sort of. I got a lot of my gardening done. Mowed the lawn, picked the weeds, generally got things done around the house. At the end of the day, I got a fair stretching session done. My flexibility sucks.

Monday, more of the same, except with doing dishes. Nothing else, though.

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