Sunday, May 11, 2014

Friday and Saturday May 10

Friday I should have trained, but was needed by my family.
yup, that's me ;)

Saturday was a rugby day - I played prop ... gasp ... and did fairly well. I was pretty good in the offensive lineouts and scrums. Defensive scrums I was merely ok, we did turn the ball once, which was cool. We won almost all of our scrums; I did get in the way of one of our hooker's strikes at the ball and they won it against the head.

I did also do a decent job at getting used to the new scrum engagement and didn't earn a penalty. I didn't like the kick off set up, but it's something I'll get used to.

Oh, and I did score a try ... I'd love to tell you it was a ten or fifteen metre run ... but, it was a pick and go and a drive at someone's knees to get over the try line to a falling down just over the white paint.

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