Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday May 21

Tuesday was a training night.

I got my session done with a few dropped balls, and some nice throw ins. I stepped up to hooker during the training session and loved every minute of it. I was only one of two people who could throw at the session. I got some pretty awesome throws done, too. Nice long ones to the flankers at the end of the line out.

The session was a wet one, but got this done in the rain for three rounds after we were done:

20 kb cleans - 16 kilo bell used throughout
20 kb clean and presses
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

After that, I got a chance to go and help with selections. I got myself picked for Second XV hooker for the weekend. I'm ok with that. I'm juggling a whole bunch of stuff.

Wednesday was an off day. I should have done my training in the morning, but just needed more sleep and so I took a nap after getting my kids to school.

I got this done though much later in the day for four rounds:

5 deeeeeep squats with 80 lbs on the bar
10 over head presses
10 double kb cleans and presses (12 kilo bells used)
15 hanging knee tucks

It was nice having the garage door open, letting in some fresh air. It's still wet out ... my lawn looks pretty good. Still need to do some gardening with it. In any case, after that, it was off to be a dad and a husband. I was pretty sore, but it is always worth it.

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