Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sunday and Monday May 26

Sunday was nothing but disappointment for me.

Firstly, I was pretty sore from Saturday's game. A good session of rugby would have helped soreness and pain. I'm sorry to say that didn't happen, as I was needed in my house. So, rather than being bitter, I took advantage of the time and did some light gardening and such. I got the lawn mowed and some weeding done. All the time, just kept hydrating and taking advil for pain.  My black eye is a nice shade of blue this morning...

I also pondered about what I should be doing now in my morning workouts. Time to put away the grovelling and start to do some work.

I wanted at least a 30 minute session of cardio today. So, I did a light 16 minute run and then did a kettlebell and steps session. 2o swings and then 20 step ups for 15 minutes. It was so sunny and bright in my garage, I needed to wear my sunglasses. Tunes were good too.

Later on, I did a 35 minute walk at a moderate level. It was nice to see the neighbourhood without any snow.

Rugby games are the feedback I need right now - didn't get too many, thanks to the lousy weather we had all April and most of May. At least the we got one in the win column.

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