Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday May 22

Today was ... another wild one.

I got my kids off to school/daycare/whatever ... and had about an hour to myself. So I got this done for four rounds and got myself to be a grown up

20-25 hand to hand kettlebell releases ... kind of cool.
10 squat wall ball throws

took about 20 minutes and had a decent sweat on.

Later on, I got to rugby training ... lots of technical work with a focus on working together as a team. I was throwing line outs, hitting rucks, taking on ball ... everything a front row dude should be doing.

After I got this done three rounds:

20 kb cleans (I used both the 16 and 12 kilo bells ... meh, I was sore...)
20 kb clean and presses
20 kb snatches
5m kb overhead press walks

I was outside, in shorts tshirt and barefoot. I was sweaty and training. The sun was setting and the sky was brilliant colours, clouds pink and the background darkening quickly as I got this done.

In that perfect moment, like Tyler Durdan on his beach, I can point to and say I was complete.

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