Friday, March 27, 2015

Monday and Tuesday March 24

Monday was ... quite frankly ... a disappointment. I heard a lot of bad news this day, not the least of which was that I will not really be able to coach very much this spring and summer.

A shame, really. A shame.

In any case, I spent so much time thinking for solutions, I had to wait until very late to get a short 2.5 k walk/run in. A shame ... I'm kind of disappointed in what's happening with my training these days. I'm doing a lot of recovery work - at least I got an epsom salt bath in today, too.

Tuesday was a step up, at least. I got a run on a treadmill done in the afternoon. I'm liking that GoodLife more and more. It's kind of funny that hardly any other of my coworkers want to go. Meh, I enjoyed it. I got a short 2k run in, then went to stretch and try to open up my hips.

After that I got a physio appointment in, and they worked on my hip. I seriously need to get a shout out done for them, but I'm running around these days.

At the end of the day, I got a chance to get a walk in with my wife. Nothing replaces those walks, and it was about 2k, too.

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