Monday, March 9, 2015

Saturday and Sunday March 8

Saturday I was still kind of limping from Thursday. Sore legs, man. I did get some stretching done with a facebook friend at his clinic nearby my house. I really really should do a shout out for him.

In any case, one of the last things he did at the end of the session, he used a heated Unaball on my neck. Oh, man ... that felt awesome. I'll have to get me one of those things, man.

I did get another stretching session done later, and I did get a 4k run/walk in. The warm days are melting the snow, but the cold nights are freezing the water and making ice patches. Kind of a painful session, but I got it done.

Sunday ... more of the same. My hip needed a morning session of stretching before it would behave, and I got that done. I also did an afternoon rolling session before going for a 4k walk at night. It was a lot less painful than the one from Saturday, man.

Recovery is going to be key for me this summer.

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