Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday March 19

Wednesday was fairly comfortable. Lots of rolling in the basement, lots of time to chase and clean up after my youngest. I also got the idea in my head about seeing if the Go Ruck Challenge was right for me.

And so I went on a march/walk for 3k with the weighted vest on. It's about 40 lbs. My knee killed by the end of the 3k walk. I iced it and got on some advil and we shook our heads.

Meh, lots of stretching and rolling too.

Thursday was a rugby night. I also wanted to go home early and just be with my family ... but it didn't happen. I went out and was silly. I didn't get the rugby training night on the Nike+ site, so .. I guess if I don't get it on there, it doesn't count .... however, I did do an awful lot of stretching and hip mobility work there and with the physio today, too.

Friday was a recovery day ... my body was just hurting all over. I rolled in the am and the pm, not every really getting it less sore. I even took an epsom salt bath. That was pretty cool as I was using Songza to kind of block out the rest of the house. in any case, I had to wait until everyone was in bed until I got my walk in for the day.

I also noticed it was the Cdn Senior Nationals weekend. I was kind of sad, but I know I am still trying to recover from injury and wear and tear on my body to have done anything this year. I did think about possible solutions to this for the next few months. I think I got a few answers for myself.

I did hear of a number of guys of my vintage coming out for this year, too.

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