Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday March 31

Ok, it was overall a pretty cool day in the trenches.

I got some personal planning and writing done, I got to a physiotherapy appointment, I got some rugby related paperwork done, I got some more of my uDemy course done, I got my training done, meals prepared for my family, and even got this blog post in before it was crazy late.

I even got a few decisions made about the next few years, too.

I am really liking this new set up I have - I'm writing this in the basement, with a second screen hooked up to my laptop so that I have a bit more area on which to work, as weird as that sounds. I'm also far enough away from the refrigerator that it would take effort to get there and so ... I'm keeping a lot of rather yummy things out of my mouth at the moment. I'm also enjoying sitting in a "new to me" chair instead of the creaky dining room chairs that bug my hamstrings. All in all, this new "office in the basement" is a big hit so far.

Even my two older children were in here earlier.

I guess I should update this day to a kick ass one, but I don't like swearing on my blog.

Right, the workout for the day went as follows:

2k run ... I arrived early enough that I could then go and get this done:

4 rounds of squats in a power rack
started with 90 pounds
then to 110
then to 140 lbs

yeah, nothing too severe, to be frank. I know I can do better. I will.

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