Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sat Jan 5

So, Saturday. I thought we were friends. I guess not anymore.

I was up stupid early, man. Like dumb. One of the last days I can sleep in, and I was p by 6am. Man ... what was I thinking? In any case, I needed to get some stuff out of my house and into my father in law's place... so I got a chance to drive for an hour (one way) and listen to my book on my iPhone. That Ah-nold. What a guy. Interesting to read his biography, but I much prefer where and when I grew up. Moving boxes out of my house and into his was quite a workout.

I also got an invite to go to a buddy of mine's place for dinner. Before I left my place I did this four rounds:

20 KB two handed swings (50 lb bell used)
10 Kb cleans (each side)
20 push ups
10 crunches.

Not a bad workout - I got something done in my garage with the car still in there. My "Squishy" workout, so to speak.

Oysters and steak were interesting for dinner, I must say. Salad and company were also good.

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