Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Jan 27

not me, as I would have worn a shirt
All righty then. Sunday. Today started out rough, as I stayed up late on saturday in order to finish watching Ghost Dog, a movie that has sat on my Apple tv for a few months, just begging me to watch it.

I did want to rant about what a crappy week of training I had on this blog post, but I see no reason to do that at the moment. I've had better weeks of training and I hate running in the snow. Let's leave it at that, and move forward.

I got a nap later when everyone else but me and the youngest went out and had some winter time fun. Me? I nestled into my bed and had a great 90 minutes of bliss.

After that, we got up and I banged this out four rounds in the gym.

10 squat wall ball tosses with the 14 lb medicine ball
20 feet up push ups
8-10 hanging clean and press with 70lbs on the bar
20 seated knee tucks

this is me, complete with shirt...
I'm thinking the squat wall ball toss and the hanging clean and press are very similar to what I do in a rugby line out. I usually lift at the first position - sometimes at three, but mainly at one.

In my club I was taught to grab just the inside leg of the lock to lift - although one or two of the locks prefer the two leg lift. Me? I'm thinking that I sucked at both last year, but got away with it as we were that much better than almost all of the other teams.

The picture on the right here IS me, wearing the number one. What a terrible lift. I honestly think this is the highest I got my lifter in this particular line out. I'm not even looking at the right thing. I'm also far away from my lifting partner, whereas I should be chest to chest with him.

Honestly, I think this poor lifting technique has a lot to do with the end result in this particular game. We lost this "game for all the marbles" at the end of September by 4 points. I'm thinking with a lot more upper body strength, I'm not going to be as crappy a lifter come next summer. And finally, we'll win more line out ball in tight games like this one.

I did also want to get better at the monkey bars - I'm going ot think of a cheap solution at some point in time, perhaps this week.

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