Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday and Sunday Jan 20

Saturday I was moving stuff ... loading up hte van with a bunch of furniture and then unloading after a drive. I just didn't stop until it was about lunch time.

So, no, not a day that I got a "technical" workout in, but I was pretty physically active, man. After lunch, I was literally chasing my youngest around an indoor rugby field for his class with Rugbytots. Although the lady felt bad for me, I was pretty happy as he was running around and as soon as we got home, he fell asleep.

Me? Another story altogether.

I was up stupid early and got into the darkest corners of my Apple tv. Green Street Hooligans was one of the movies I watched. Really, that was just messed up. My kids got up eventually and we had a great time.

But no workout, technically. Lots of activity, though.

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