Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thursday and Friday Jan 11

Thursday was rugby in the dome day. It was all good, I guess. After the hour of running around, I got to shat with the coach about training and using medicine balls as a replacement training tool for a rugby ball.

Oh yeah, I filled my new Wave boxing bag with water after work today, too. That was cool.

I've been trying to do include some ball handling drills in my training routines, but evidently the catching technique is wrong. Medicine balls are caught with the palms of the hand, where as good rugby players catch with the fingers. So, I'll go to the local rugby outfitters and get me one of these training balls next week.

Friday was a bit of a panic, but what else is new this week. The whole week was just so fast - lots of stuff, lots of stuff, man.

In any case, I did this for four rounds before having to go be a dad:

2 minutes boxing - kicks not included
20 feet up push ups
10  bench flies
15 hanging knee tucks
10 bench pullovers

It was ind of cool to get  a boxing workout in again. I also found a home for my old boxing bag. Roger will be going next Thursday with me to rugby. One of my buddies is helping a new boxing club get off the ground. He'll be missed but is going on to a better life.

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