Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Monday March 24

So ... I was back at rugby training on Monday.

This time I missed the cardio session during the day. Instead I figured to focus on the evening rugby. Well, if that was the plan, it was a stupid plan. I need as much cardio as I can get these days.

I don't thnk I'm out of shape. I'm chubby, but that is a requirement of being a prop in Union rugby. I have to be able to catch the ball - which I can. I have to be able to lift and scrum. My main duties after that are to hit ruck and try and steal ball, if I can. I have to be close to the ruck as often as I can and try to help win possession. For that I need muscular endurance and power.

I also need to be able to keep doing those things over 80 minutes of a game.

In any case, I got a fairly good rugby technical session done in the evening with about 50 other players. The last 40 minutes was specializing in League rugby. I think we'll have a pretty good team this year, if the numbers keep up and the people who are training show up to games...

In any case, it was 2 hours of rugby training.

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