Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wed and Thursday March 6

Ah, yes.

Wednesday ... I did do some very good work on Wednesday, it just wasn't applicable to this blog. I did speak to CK, a semi-loyal reader of this blog about getting more dead lifts into my workout. I did take a screen shot of his advice, but then ... stuff just happened. I had to go and be a dad rather than a guy who trains a lot.

Was supposed to be a selfie, but I missed
Thursday ... was back to normal and the last day before a well deserved week break. I'm still not in the mood to live and work in community with people around me; I just don't think I want to surround myself with people with whom I have basic disagreements. In any case, I digress.

I did the boxing session again today. Ten rounds of:

2:00 minutes hitting the heavy bag
1:30 of kettlebell swings.

It was pretty epic.

Later on will be the first indoor rugby training session for 2014. The Dome League my club ran was over last week. Now ... it's time "to get fit" .... yeah, I'll try to get a workout or two done.

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