Monday, March 17, 2014

Saturday and Sunday March 16


Saturday was a quick day. I saw a rugby specific website and chatted with the guy running it. He's the S&C coach of the NRL Sydney Roosters ... and so knows a bit about training for rugby.

I took a light weight on a training bar, 50 pounds I believe. I did a deep pause at the bottom squat in this day's training. My knee did not protest at all. I wanted to note that I did these lifts barefoot, as I do most of my gym training.

In any case, got this done for 4 rounds while my three year old training partner was around and about. He likes to sit on the big tire and watch while I do the potentially dangerous lifts.

4-6 deep squats with pause at the bottom. 50 lbs on the bar.
6-8 overhead presses with the same bar.
30 step ups onto a 12 inch step
20 seated knee tucks

Saturday night was a practise session for St Patricks Day on Monday. I have to keep my brain focused on things rugby, not idiotic parties. There was a reason I never went to these events for the last few years, all of which came back to me during this night. Nice music, though. Tough to be happy, though.

Sunday was a day of family events and getting ready for Monday, which is back to work for me.

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