Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday March 1

This particular March is coming in like a lion. I am so sick of this winter; ready for the crap to melt. Seriously.
Pic is unrelated

Lots of stress around here today - the usual things ... money, kids, ... money ... lolz.

In any case, I got this done four rounds before I had to go and be a grown up. I hate when that happens.

20 swings (depended on the round, but cleans, snatches, combos...)
30 step ups with a 16 inch step.
10 hanging knee tucks
8-10 dead lifts about 100 lbs on the bar. Nothing huge, just for fun
20 push ups, usually weighted. My son likes to jump on me when I get ready to do push ups.

I do have a few pics of this workout, but they aren't handy as I'm writing this.

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