Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday and Sat March 25

Friday I did two workouts, and did the same thing on Saturday.

Friday I felt like crap, too. Got into my gym and a lot hurt, especially my pride, after just an awful rugby training session Thursday night. I dunno. Bunch of whiny people that just got on my nerves, man. Meh, I left before it got worse.

I did this in Friday for five rounds:

20 rh swings - 40 lb bell used throughout
20 lh swings
20 cleans each side
20 two handed swings

20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks
10 hanging knee tucks

Felt good. Ate the usual combo of almonds, tun water and pizza for a firday. At tthe end of it all, did a 4.5 k run.

Saturday, did this for five rounds:

20 kb swings (Used either the 20 kilo or the 40 lb bell, depending on round and children's proximity)
10 good mornings with 12 kilo bell behind the neck
2 rope pull ups from seated to standing and back down, arms only
20 seated knee tucks
10 hanging knee tucks
20 push ups

After that, had lunch, then went for a lengthy swim with my wife's parents and my children. Kinda fun, to be honest. Kids got a real kick out of it. Got home, had pasta for dinner with a slice of left over pizza.

When everyone was asleep, got a 4.6 k run in. Rather fast one, too. Had to stretch and take an anti-histamine, too. Damn spring is in the air.

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