Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wed Feb 29

Extra day ... of rest. Had to, after that long run Tuesday. What was I thinking?

Meh, set a new personal record with that run. On with today.

Did this a flexibility / mobility and recovery session this morning; my shoulders and legs were just hurting. I rolled out my legs and shoulders, too.

Ate this:

breakfast: smoothie

Lunch: almonds, carrots with some hummus and water to drink.

Snack: almonds

Dinner: small bowl of pasta with tuna and Srachi sauce, water to drink. Almonds for dessert.

That's it. I did want to go for a run after my night shift, but got talking to my wife and father. It's all good, as I checked weight this morning and was 218; I'm on course. Besides, I was really really sore.

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  1. A hot bath does wonders, I am fortunate to have a jacuzzi tub that really helps with the soreness.