Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wed March 7

Oh, it's late. Let me get this done and go to bed.

First, I did this for six rounds this morning:

20 kb rh swings
20 kb lh swings
20 kb cleans each side
20 two handed swings
8-10 tire deadlifts
20 feet up push ups
10 sledgehammers into the tire
20 seated knee tucks
2:oo minutes of punching the punching bag

yeah, I was pretty tired and sweaty by the end, man.

I ate this:

breakfast: roast beef and eggs, tomato and pickled peppers. Water then coffee to drink.

Snack tea

Lunch: almonds, green pepper and tuna. Water to drink.

Dinner: small bowl of chilli with extra spicy goo for me. Water to drink.

After I got back from night shift, I went for a 5k run. It's all good, man.

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