Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 1,2 and 3

So ... Wed Jan 1 was to be a rugby day, but instead I was at home, taking care of my family. I did get out to see some of the Winter Classic and to chit chat with people, but it wasn't an active day. My legs needed some rest after the 5k the night before, man. I did find a messager that I gave my wife years ago. I assumed it was lost in the move ... but lo and behold, it was in a corner. I put it to good use on my quads a few times already.

Thursday ... I honestly didn't know it was Thursday. It's nice being on vacation. In any case, I got the heavy bag session done.

Ten rounds of:
two minutes heavy bag hitting
one minute of kb lifting. Some rounds were double kb cleans, other rounds were single kb swings.

Someday I'll do all ten rounds with double kb cleans. For now, I switched it up. Still it was a fun workout. I got to bed silly early on Thursday which means...

Friday I was up silly early. I mean Oh five thirty early. I got a chance to train, get the snow off of the drive way and then get the huge pile of Christmas debris/garbage out to the curb. All by 6:50am.

This was this morning's workout. I used one of the "new" 16 kilo bells. Those things are awesome.

10 kb cleans (each side)
10 kb clean and press
10 kb snatch
20 bw squats
20 seated knee tucks

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