Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Jan 28

And so ... the final chapter is being written in my current position. I'm going to have to reflect and write about my experiences over the last five months. I'm going to sort of miss the freedom of the position, but I'm not going to miss the sense of impending doom.

I was scrambling around the Halton Region today, but made sure I got this done before I went to bed:

10 rounds of hitting the heavy bag

2 minutes of hitting the bag
90 seconds of using battle ropes

I really like my new iPhone 4s. I had forgotten my GymBoss timer at home, and so while I was putting on my stuff, I downloaded Round Timer to use during the workout. It worked as well as I expected, and I got my workout done. Would I use it again? Since I don't have to download it, well ... maybe. I will try and remember to get my timer back with my gym stuff, though.

I thought that was a cool workout. At least it wasn't boring. Although, I think I need to test me knee tonight with a short run. We'll see.

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