Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Dec 31

Monday was a nice break ... I got nothing done. Except picking up four competition kettlebells for 140 bucks. Two 12 kilo and two 16 kilo bells. They're awesome.

Tuesday was the Brita Resolution Run in Burlington. I spent the day drooling over the bells, but knowing I had a 5k run later. It wasn't the most pleasant of runs, though. It was cold - but I dressed warmly. It wasn't sunny - it started at 5pm, so yeah. No need for sunglasses. The course was open - that is just on the sidewalks with no off duty cops to control traffic like the Santa run. It was snowy and icey and ... I just didn't warm up properly. Meh, I should have done all that myself.

I did stretch after the run, but not knowing anyone in the crowd was a drag. I got home to my family and had a great New Years Eve.

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