Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Jan 30

Well, I'm still training inside, as I just don't trust the roads yet. I figure I'd slip and fall and have to call 911 to come and rescue me from broken ankles or worse.

In any case, it was a cardio day and I just wanted to try something different. As it happened, I got a Turbulance Training email early in the morning, with a "Just say no to cardio", Cardio workout. I clicked and pasted the workout into an email and sent it to myself. At work, I printed it off and got myself ready to give it a shot.

Ten rounds of this in around 26 minutes was a pretty good session, let me tell you:

1) Double KB Front Squat - 10 reps (I used 2 x 25 lb kettlebells for this)
2) Double KB Farmers Walk - about 50 feet, using 2 x 40 lb bells
3) KB Swing - 20 reps - using the 40 lb bell
4) MB Slam - 10 reps - using a 12 lb ball
5) Hanging knee tucks - 10 reps

 I can hardly wait to do this outside in June. Man, I can hardly wait for June ....

Since this was a Thursday, I also got a rugby session in, too. I think we tied twice and won one.

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