Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Jan 11

The last three days have been a real struggle to carve out time for training.

Each day was an almost exact photocopy. Kind of scary to be frank, but at least some good things are happening.

Early morning stretching session after getting things ready for the day. Working on quads, ITB bands, hip mobility and rhomboids/ lats for about 10 minutes each day.

I arrive at work a bit early these days, so I've been doing my morning pages and gratitude journal writing there. Takes no more than ten minutes and it sets me up in a positive mental light for the day. Well worth the investment of time.

In the evenings, a 30 minute walk in the pool later on in the day. At the end of the walk, I have been bringing my Rogue SuperNova into the hot tub and rolling with it in there. Honest to goodness, what a discovery.

Been getting to bed progressively earlier, too.

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