Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sunday and Monday Jan 23

So... yeah. I'm trying to up the rate of weight loss at the moment. Give myself a much-needed kick in the all too large pants.

Sunday was a 35-minute elliptical session. during which I got my heart rate up to 170 bpm. I had my heart rate monitor on - having it is a really cool thing, to be honest. Takes the guess work out of how hard am I working, is my mind lying to me or what ... that kind of a thing.

Monday was another 35-minute session. I started it off thinking quite conservatively, in that I thought to do a session that would be just under 30 minutes. I got that done, and then took a second to realise that I needed a bit more done. So I put the GymBoss timer back on and kept going until I got to 35 minutes.

Like eight or nine rounds of this:

1:55 elliptical machine. earlier rounds went easy, later rounds, went harder
1:55 kettlebell lifts, swings and presses. Used the 16-kilo bell for most rounds.

I really liked the cleans and presses - I think they will help with rugby. They certainly helped get the heart rate up.

ugly shoes, good workout

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