Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Saturday, Sunday and Monday Jan 16

Saturday got this done for seven rounds:

1:55 on the elliptical trainer
1:55 kettlebell swings.  (different bells, different swings and movements)

It took just under a half hour to get the seven rounds done. I did do a fair stretch after but was still decently sore. I was pretty unimpressed with the number on the scale at home. Seriously, I need to get things moving in the right direction again.

Yup, my Vibram Five Finger shoes.
Sunday, I got this done for five rounds:

20 H2H KB swings
20 KB cleans
20 KB clean and presses
20 KB snatches
20 step ups
20 bicep curls
20 BW squats
15 push ups

Not a bad workout, to be honest. I also did this one barefoot in the garage. As I recovered on Monday, it was nice to feel no pain in the knees or hips from these workouts.

Monday ... ah, Monday. Monday I had a Rugby meeting, so all I got done was a 25-minute session on the elliptical trainer. I did do like five sprint sessions in the second half of the session. I did learn a lot of stuff at the meeting. I was good and stuck to my diet, too.

I do plan on having longer sessions on the elliptical trainer in the near future. I do know my body well enough that 25-minute sessions really aren't going to help all that much, even when I "sprint" on the thing. From my own experience with weight loss, I'll need to be doing at least 35-minute sessions, along with sprints and kettlebells, too.

I also did have a discussion about life after rugby. Seems this guy will be happy with Slo-Pitch baseball. That's never really been my speed, to be frank. When I mentioned that after I get my stomach healed up, I'd be starting BJJ, his line was that "It was too late for him to start with that.". I was sorry to hear that - such an inclusive thing BJJ can be; I'm hoping to convince him otherwise in the coming years.

Bare minimum, I'd like to get that guy to try it out at the rugby pitch, see if it's something he'd enjoy even at that level.

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