Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tuesday Jan 24

So ... I got back on the trainer tonight. a nice 35-minute session, followed by a short walk in the pool.

It was a nice a boring cardio session. I was reading from my earlier blog entries, from September to December of 2011, and then the next two months after that. It's where I got the genius workout plan for tonight.

These were, of course, the entries which describe my campaign to get to 211 for the 2012 Nationals in March. I ended up losing the match to come third, man. Bummer. But I think the true success was in the attempt. How many 42-year olds compete at Nationals?

Some of those workouts were stupid simple. I mean, check out this workout from a few days before the event itself.

Forgive the spelling errors, too. I was exhausted.

I have to do more training, it's plain and simple. Half hour walks and 25-minute gym sessions are not going to help me out. I need to use more calories. I need more offence in my game.

I used the football team as a metaphor to explain it to myself earlier today. My diet is like the defence. If your diet is good, if your defence is good, at least you stop things from getting worse. At least you stop "the other team" from scoring; at least you stop getting more fat.

The exercising is the offence. If you select the right play, the right thing to do and go for it as hard as you can, you're going to score. Calories will be used,  the weight will come off. You will win.

If you have no offence or at least a very bad one, you can still win. It's just going to take longer. I'd rather be up by 45 points at the half and cruise to victory. Alas, it seems I'm making this harder on myself than I need to.

But you'll never win if you have a bad defence. "Defence wins Championships" is a motto I don't need to quote to anyone. It's a truism that is 100% true, man. If you have a bad defence, you'll never win. If you have a crappy diet, you'll be fat. If your defence is a bunch of nine-year-olds facing off against a CFL team, well you can predict, right?

I changed metaphors, but you get the idea

Of late, my defence has been "ok", but I have to make sure I stay away from idiot food choices after 4 pm. That open space of time from after school until I go to bed is what I need to work on, my readers. I'm improving my offence, but I have to start filling in the holes on defence, too.

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