Sunday, January 8, 2017

Saturday and Sunday Jan 8

Saturday I had to do a lot of running around and wasn't up to the task, to be frank. Man, it was a tough day to be out and about, but it got done.

I stretched in the morning, but that was about it. I spent the day chasing and trying to get things to work for me. Meh, whatever. I did finally go for a nice easy walk in the evening - a 2km walk with my wife in the cold. All good, all good.

Sunday I got a pretty good set of workouts done in the afternoon. I got the elliptical trainer and kettlebell workout again ... at the end of it, I did four rounds of double kettlebell clean and press.

1:50 Elliptical trainer
1:50 Kettlebell lifts

then the four rounds of 1 minute clean and press. Got 16 - 15 - 16 -16 done. That was pretty fast for the 12 kilo bells. Next time I'll get up to the 16 kilo bells.

After that, I got to the pool again with my son. That was a pretty nice stretch after a number of sprints after him...

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