Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday Jan 25

Good book, not so good reader

It's getting to crunch time around me at work. Of course, I'm already done most of the work to be completed, just need to put the whipped cream and cherry on top and I'm done.

But work, as in life, sometimes has a habit of dropping something on the head of your humble narrator, the dancing hippopotamus that I am. I'm sure something will come that will add some level of stress. The key, I'm told by the book I'm currently reading, is to stay calm and realise that any crisis is an opportunity.

Yeah, sounds weird, but when the guy on the audiobook says it, it sounds reasonable.

Got this done for nine rounds Wednesday night, then went off for a walk in the pool:

1:55 on the elliptical trainer
1:55 kettlebell lifts - the 16-kilo bell for almost all rounds.

Walk in the pool was about 35 minutes.

With the heart rate monitor on, it was cool to watch the up and downs of my HR during the session:

I've got an old, used monitor in the garage that can be hooked up to my iPhone rather quickly. The same iPhone is also hooked up via Bluetooth to the Polar H7 HR thingy around my chest during the session.

Hmm, I guess it's time to get a pic of that up on this here blog, I guess. There is a group of "fitness shops" called Orange Theory around here that do exactly the same thing - put a HR monitor on you and then put that information up on a big screen in front of a class of people there with you at the same time. I guess it's for motivation. It would also help take the guess work out of who is working the hardest. Meh, I'll stay at home with my rather much more inexpensive setup. At least I know who didn't wipe down the equipment after their workout at home.

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