Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday Feb 8 ... and a pause for a shout out

I haven't done one of these in a while, as I've been seriously stupid busy at work. I do like going to different gyms, doing a workout and then writing about it.

This time I went to Sports Training Academy in Oakville with a buddy of mine and his 11 year old and one of the 11 year old's buddies. The four of us arrived on time and got things going on right away.

As it was my first official time being in a CrossFit place, I elected to do their introduction workout. I got this done in 6:40:

500 m rowing (on a Concept 2 ... a very nice ride .... kinda like the Spyder that Ferris Bueller drove)
40 bodyweight squats
30 push ups
20 sit ups
10 bodyweight rows in lieu of chin ups

Before we got started, I met another young man who was also in for his first time. He was about my age, a little heavier and hadn't trained at all. The instructor, Dan, was pretty good at meeting, watching and giving feedback on our forms. Seems I've been doing push ups with my elbows out for a while. I knew that, and it was nice to be reminded not to.  Everything else checked out, so we got it done.

Yeah, the chin ups weren't going to happen, at least not without a crane this time around. That was a nice wake up call to me. I need to start getting those done in my regular workouts.

As mentioned above, I got that workout done in 6:40. A nice time, I think. I wasn't rushed, but I just kept at it. I think I could have gone faster, but I wasn't pushed or made to feel that I should go faster. It was nice to have someone else doing the same workout as me, in about the same time frame, too. A real plus, to be frank.

After, Dan asked me if I wanted to do the partner WOD. I declined, instead doing the Strength WOD as it was written on the big board. So, after that workout, I did this for five rounds:

5-8 deadlifts  with about ... I'm guessing here... like 90 lbs on the bar.
10 Kettlebell swings mostly with the 60 lb bell.

Not a bad little workout. Then, I helped keep eyes on one of the 11 year olds, as he was just needing some help with safety in the gym. No worries, glad to help.

In the end, I was glad to have gone and get to train with some very pleasant people. I do spend a lot of my time inside my own garage, arguing with myself. I liked Sports Training Academy - good training site, a little rough around the edges - a real plus for me - and some kick ass people running the place. 
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