Friday, February 7, 2014

Wed, thurs and Fri Feb 7

I just really hate winter. This week did nothing but confirm it. Wednesday was a really big storm that hit during the rush hour. I got to work and spent the day working for myself and other people who called in sick. I got home to hip deep snow on my driveway. I cleared that, only to have to do more when the plough man came through my 'hood later on. Thursday was rugby, although I wanted to train during the day, I couldn't make it happen. I did do extra stretching and a lot of sprinting during the hour on the pitch, though. Friday was another piece of crap day. I got ready to train and then ... I'm beinng honest here, fell asleep. It was weird, I closed my eyes and ... boom ... it was an 90 minutes later and I had to go be a dad.

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