Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tues Feb 4

Eesh. Some things in life ... I got stuck at work today, so no workout before picking up the kids. I did get this done, though:

10 rounds of

20 bw squats
20 kb swings - used the 16 kilo bell
10 step ups each side
10 hanging knee tucks

I just had to get something done. Man, I just had to get something done.

I was talking to a rugby guy/AT last week. He commented that I was "In a rut" but that "he liked this workout". It's basically a repeat of something I did last Thursday, except I didn't get the farmers walks in. Something about it being a small garage in my house or something prevented me from getting that done. In any case, I got my training in for the day. I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

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