Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunday Monday and Tuesday Feb 18

Yeah, this wasn't my set of days. I was active, but didn't get a training session in on Sunday or Monday. I did do some shoveling ... what fun that was, by the way... getting really sick of this white crap all over the place.

Sunday was an off day, but I had to drive people to places and entertain a certain three year old opera singer. I did see some really cool Rugby League 9's from Auckland, though. Interesting discussion on Twitter and Facebook about it, too. One guy I was chatting with was in Brisbane, Aus, while the other was in Dundas, ON. I like this intertubz thingy.

Monday was a day in which I had to drive around and around and attend a birthday party for my middle child. I did do a lot of chasing and lifting of my kids and others. Kinda fun, actually. It snowed a lot later on in the day, too.

Tuesday I was off at training for the day and so no chance to run off for lunch. I did get this done laer on in the evening for five rounds:

20 bw squats
20 kb swings  - used a yellow 16 kilo bell
15 step ups each side
10 hanging knee tucks

Five rounds of that was a pretty decent session. I do hope the warming weather that is coming will melt all the ice around me. Eesh, I am getting sick of it.

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