Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fri and Sat Dec 2 and 3

Friday was a weird one - an odd one, if you will. First of all, my youngest child turned one this week. Where I live, that means they are due for some more immunization shots.

Please, spare me the whole "Immunization causes Autism" hype. And I don't believe it.

I had to take him in the morning, which meant no morning workout for lil' ol me. Meh, one day of rest out of a whole bunch is ok. Besides, I got to spend time with my boy. After work, I picked the kids up and met up with one of his Godmothers and two of her relatives at a local Boston Pizza. Meh, I liked it. I ate a whole pizza.

In writing that, I am reminded of Bart Simpson's line "I wash myself with a rag on a stick." It was, however, delicious. Beer, too. A true cheat meal.

We got home and put the kids to bed and I got a chance to spend time with my wife watching a rather silly movie "One Day". I didn't eat or drink anything, merely marveled at just how fragile life really is. I also am glad that I see I am living the life that I have chosen, not one that has been grafted onto me. It also made me see that my children really are an astronomically hugely gift from the universe. And cute, too.

I got back on it Saturday morning, as I was up stupid early. I went for a run while the sun struggled to get it's butt out of bed. I thought of a video I'd watched Friday night after dinner of the Ultimate Warrior.

What a tool. I'll give you that the UW was quite an entertainer. He never entertained me, but a lot of the idiots guys I went to high school with liked that WWF crap. I never understood why they liked it. When the UFC came along, they couldn't understand why I liked it. Why would I like something the outcome of which was already predetermined? They allow gambling on UFC; you'd be an idiot to bet on a WWF match. I'm not saying Ultimate Warrior isn't athletic, but he's not an athlete. He's an entertainer. Like Charlie Chaplin. Except not nearly as nicely dressed.

By the way, did you know he legally changed his name to "Warrior"?

Anyway, after the run, things were chill around my house. I did a cool workout with my kids in the gym in the afternoon. I ate ok, but it could have been better.

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