Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fri Dec 9 and Sat Dec 10

So, I went through my old blogs and I'm just seeing if I can load this:

hmm ... I'm thinking that I wrote this already ... well, whatever. Technology is awesome it it's ability to eat posts. In any case, let's get this done.

Friday was an off day. I know that this week had a lot of off days, but I knew that I had a race on Saturday. I took it easy. Ate well though:

Breakfast: belt and coffee

Snack: more coffee

Lunch: gyro with salad. Water to drink

Dinner: pizza. water to drink.

Saturday was race day. That was cool. Next year, I bring my kids and we walk the route. Simply awesome.

Ate this:

Breakfast bananas and coffee

Lunch Chicken breast and salad wraps more coffee

snack chicken soup and water

Dinner: small bowl of pasta, water to drink.

While watching ufc 140 : beer and chips. Not a requirement, but it felt good.

Also saw this workout, and will be trying it some time this week.

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